Self Catering Normandy Holidays in a Medieval Norman Chateau

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  • Aa winter flooding
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  • Chateau neuilly across the marshes
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  • Cows on the marais 1
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  • Winter sunshine over the marshes
  • Winter on the marshes
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  • Green and verdant
Chateau Neuilly

Chateau Neuilly is located in a huge marshland that has been designated a national park.

The regional park is a huge area of wetlands that stretch from coast to coast south of the Contentin Peninsular. We are very fortunate that Chateau Neuilly is located deep in the marshes and this is deal for accessing all the that is on offer from this wonderful park. 

The best starting place for information about the park is the tourist office in Isigny sur Mer. There is also a comprehensive website that can be found at:


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